About Us

Welcome to our website, where we offer expert advice on all things parenting! BabiesLike is run by husband and wife team Mel and James. We’re proud parents of two wonderful children, Freddie and Louise.

With years of experience as parents, we understand the challenges and joys of raising a family.

We remember quite vividly the look we gave each other when we left hospital with our first child. It had been a difficult labor and Mel was there for a week before Freddie finally made his appearance. James and I were already both exhausted but suddenly realised we were on our own!

Of course we were a little scared but knew we had an exciting journey ahead of us. Things slowly unfold and you learn “on-the-job”. By the time Louise was born things were so much simpler – albeit having to deal with two children now!

At BabiesLike.com, our goal is to provide you with reliable, trustworthy information to help you navigate the often-complicated world of parenting. From product reviews to expert advice, we aim to be your go-to source for all things related to raising a family.

We understand that every parent is unique and has their own individual needs and preferences. That’s why we offer a wide range of information, from the latest parenting trends to tried-and-true methods, to help you find the advice and products that work best for you and your family.

We are passionate about helping families thrive. Whether you’re a new parent, a seasoned pro, or simply looking for some advice and support, we’re here to help. So come along for the journey and join us in the journey of parenthood.

What we hope to do is share our experiences whether it be simple tips we have learned along the way or help selecting products that you’re bound to need as you make your own journey.

If you have any questions about Babies Like you can contact us here.