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Best Baby Jumper

Baby jumpers are ideal for keeping a baby occupied. A good jumper, though, isn’t merely a distraction but a fun and educational tool.

These resources help develop early motor skills, promote learning and stimulate cognitive skills.

What follows are details for finding a baby jumper and a list of the four best jumpers on the market.

Jumper Product Summary

Jumpers are not toys. They are activity-driven resources that lets your baby use their developing muscles to play.

The child is placed in a seat attached to an elastic strap and pushes off the floor. Parents find them productive as baby jumpers let them perform other tasks while the child plays within their peripheral.

A baby jumper should never be used unless the child can support its head and neck. Another guideline to take into account is the manufacturer’s minimum weight, height and age for their specific product.

You should avoid relying too much on the baby jumper. While they can certainly be beneficial for managing the child and you can take joy in their play, you do not want to put too much stress on developing muscles too soon.

Baby jumpers help with motor skills. Children learn to use hip and leg muscles safely. While not walkers, jumpers prepare babies for using their legs while in a stationary position.There are two basic categories for jumpers: doorway and activity center.

There are basic jumpers and ones that look like space shuttles with a variety of toys and audio/visual stimulators.

Doorway Jumpers

These jumpers are safely hung in doorways. Due to their construction, they may have less activities outside of physical movement. Make sure these are placed in doorways with a sturdy frame.

Activity Center Jumpers

Activity centers are portable. The best have full swivel seats so that the baby can reach toys, buttons, lights and music. They usually cost more than a doorway product. The difference in stimulation can be worth the price.

Regardless of the type of jumper, you never want to place the child where you cannot always see them.

Reviews of the Best Baby Jumpers

Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper



The Evenflo Door Jumper provides plenty of fun and stimulation. Your baby will get to exercise and be entertained without taking up floor space.

While baby plays, you have the freedom to handle daily tasks or to relax with a cup of hot tea and a magazine. The framed seat surrounds the baby in comfort.

The jumper’s frame is sturdy and offers a secure fit in most doorways. You’ll appreciate the fully enclosed spring that ensures your baby doesn’t get entangled in the spring.

Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper



Flush with activities that promote discovery and play, the Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper has 15 different activities with full 360 degree swivel to allow easy access to all of them.

The jumper has a light up musical toy that is easily removed – perfect for baby to use during tummy time and even when they have outgrown the jumper.

The footprint isn’t that big and it comes mostly assembled. The only downside to this is it can’t be fully collapsed to keep it out of the way during short-term storage.

The Baby Einstein  jumper is lovely, it really is. It’s well made and will surely grab the attention of most babies.


Jolly Jumper with Super Stand



The upgraded Jolly Jumper comes with a remodeled stand and a supreme spring action system. With no doorways needed, the baby jumper can be safely used outdoors or indoors.

The jumper helps develop rhythm, coordination and balance and strengthens muscle. As long as baby can support its head and neck, the Jolly Jumper provides healthy exercise for children as young as three months.

The saddle is designed for maximized back support. It folds flat for convenient storage. It’s easily assembled, requiring no tools.

Considerations Before Buying a Baby Jumper

Here are a few things to concern yourself with about baby jumpers:

Regardless of your budget, you can find a great jumper for your baby. Each has been designed under stringent guidelines to be safe, letting parents keep babies happy and allowing them to operate around the house without fear.

The important thing to remember about jumpers is that they are to be used for a limited amount of time and it’s advisable to limit baby’s sessions to around 20 minutes.


Any of these jumpers are likely to serve you well but we would probably lean toward the Evenflo ExerSaucer if you want an easy to hang doorway jumper. However, the one that really stands out has to be the Baby Einstein because of it’s durability and eye-catching activities.

Both of these products meet the criteria for baby jumpers: flexibility, dependability, functionality and affordability. Most importantly, they meet the highest standards of safety, ensuring parents never have to worry.