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The 3 Best Baby Wipe Warmers

Our children are always the most important parts of our lives and making them as comfortable as possible is often a parent’s greatest wish. Using Baby wipes is a great way to clean up our little one’s skin after we change their diapers. These pre-moistened towelettes can be too cold and damp for a baby’s bottom. This is where baby warmers work best.

The best baby wipe warmers often have several great ways to warm up a wet wipe; the result being a much more comfortable experience for your little one. If this is the first time that you’ve heard of such a device, let’s take a look at what makes them unique.

Product Summary

Baby wipe warmers are designed to ensure a easy diaper change for both parent and baby. When it’s a bit cooler in your house, your baby wipes can become uncomfortably cold.

A dedicated warmer tackles this particularly uncomfortable situation by warming up the wipes. The result will be that your child will feel only softness and warmth when you change him or her.

When looking at this type of product, you might not notice the difference between a baby wipe warmer and a wipe holder as they look virtually the same. They both even feature a bin-like structure that will keep your baby wipes from drying out.

Additionally, underneath the wipes is a sponge like structure that will also prevent drying. Some think that this is the ideal breeding ground for microbes, but most warmers have systems to stop the excess formation of germs.

Where the warmer differentiates from the holder is in the lid section. Underneath the wipe dispenser is a device that heats the wipes to a comfortable temperature for your child. Since this is a powered device, you’ll have to plug in the warmer, so this should have an impact on where you place your warmer.

Baby Wipe Warmer Comparison

Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

Overall Rating

Best Feature: This warmer has a great construction that inhibits microorganism growth.

What customers like best: It warms wipes quickly.

What customers like least: Many customers don’t like the fact that the LED light doesn’t turn off for this warmer

Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

Overall Rating

Best Feature: This is the only warming product specifically designed for cloth wipes.

What customers like best: How easy it is to diaper with a warmer that can even warm cloth.

What customers like least: Some customers have reported leaks after a few months of use.

Babies R Us Baby Wipes Warmer with Light

Overall Rating

Best Feature: This warmer has the perfect level of light to change your little one in a dim room.

What customers like best: The light is a hit with customers because it has a great level and auto shuts-off.

What customers like least: Customers have had problems with the warming system; it has been known to overheat.

Reviews of the Best Baby Wipe Warmer

Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

Our first baby wipe warmer packs some great features in a fairly standard-sized container. Firstly, this product has a great heating system that allows for your wipes to stay fresh without drying.

If your home is somewhat cold, this warmer does a great job even keeping the surrounding area slightly warmer. Its design is also well thought out. The entire device is only 10.5 x 7.2 x 5.2 inches, so you should be able to fit this easily in any nursery.

Also, despite the fact that the product says premium, the price is actually very competitive with other products of its type.

This device also has a great feature that will allow you to warm wipes that are of the pop-up variety or standard types. While the pad underneath the wipes can retain a little too much moisture, you can simply wring it out every few weeks or so.

One of the best features of this wipe is its antimicrobial structure. The polypropylene that comprises its construction is treated with a additive that inhibits bacterial growth. This is perfect for parents because these warm, moist environments can be breeding grounds for microbes.

Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

Our second Prince Lionheart product differs a bit from the first. Considered a “warmie” device, this unit actually is designed to be able to heat cloth wipies as well.

Simply store the cloth wipes inside of this device and they will be warmed to a comfortable level. Standard wipes can also be heated in this device, but the added ability to warm cloth-style wipes is a great feature.

If you intend to use cloth diapers for your child, this is also a great solution for warming those. This way, the sometimes stressful diapering experience can become much more comfortable for your baby.

If you utilize the Prince Lionheart cloth wipes (four of which come with the purchase), you’ll find that they are a comfortable blend of rayon and bamboo and is are more absorbent than cotton. The bed of the device is a micropore pillow that has been treated to repel microbes. This pillow will also absorb excess liquid, ensuring that there’ll be no overflows.

Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

Our final reviewed product is from Babies R Us, a childcare company that has more than thirty years of experience. This warmer has a lot in common with our Munchkin product. It has a great light that’s perfect for nighttime changing that will also turn off after ten minutes of downtime.

Also, these lights are arrayed in a very illuminating pattern. When you flip up the lid, you’ll notice the four internally positioned lights easily light up the surface of your wipes, so that you’ll be able to find and remove them with ease; even in the dark.

It also has a useful, wipe count viewing window, which lets you keep an eye on the amount of wipes that you have in reserve. Unlike the Munchkin product, this product has a 100 wipe capacity, so you’ll be able to simply load a refill pack into the warmer.

Another great feature present in this warmer is the fact that it has two unique heat settings. Many users keep it on the lower setting because this provides a great level of warmth without any risk of drying out the wipe.

If you’d like a warmer temperature, the second setting still feels great on the skin, and if any drying occurs, it’ll primarily happen towards the bottom of the unit where the warmer is.

Baby Wipe Warmer Features to Look For

These products can vary by large margins when it comes to features. That said, there are a few unique features to look for in a baby wipe warmer. Let’s take a look at the most important:

Lighting System

When a newborn is in the house, you’ll be waking up at all hours to change and wash them. With this in mind, many warmers have a lighting system, so that you won’t have to turn the light on when you are changing your child.

Some warmer lights are always on. These can be an annoyance, especially if your child is in the room with you at night. Many parents who purchase these types end up trying to cover the light, which can be a fire hazard.

If you are sharing a room with your child and a light might disturb your sleep, look for a device that has a dimmer light, or better yet, look for a lighted unit that has a ten minute sleep function for the light.

Antimicrobial Features

Warm, moist environments are the perfect breeding grounds for microbes like bacteria and viruses. Since these microorganisms are dangerous for a newborn that doesn’t have a strong immune system yet, you should look for a device that has antimicrobial features.

Some devices have a construction that incorporates antimicrobial features into the plastic of the warmer, while others utilize these same features in the moisture pad. In any situation, try to be mindful of the germ killing functionality of any warmer that you are considering purchasing.


This is the chief function of these devices, and unfortunately, not every product gets this right. Always be very careful when purchasing a warmer, as some of these devices can actually be dangerous if you keep them warming for long periods of time.

A good warmer will heat the wipes evenly and with a low amount of heat. This way there’s little chance of overheating or drying.


Finding the perfect warmer for your baby’s comfort isn’t easy. There are many devices on the market today that will help you warm your wipes easily.

The five devices that we picked here are of excellent quality, but if we had to pick, we think the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer pulls ahead of the rest. This is because this device has extra versatility; it’s actually designed to warm cloth wipes as well as traditional ones.

It’s also great that you get four rayon/bamboo wipes with the purchase. Since these are cloth, you can reuse them, which will save you money in the long run.