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The Best Bassinet Buying Guide and Reviews 2023

Getting up to your baby’s hungry or lonely cries multiple times every night is quite possibly one of the hardest parts of the new-born days. The good news is that having your child nearby in your own bedroom can make meeting their night-time needs much easier, not to mention helping you potentially get a little more sleep.

Bassinets can be a great option for keeping your baby close all night, and these small sleeping areas can also be useful during the day or even away from home.

newborn baby sleeping in a bassinet

If safe room-sharing or greater flexibility sounds like a good thing for your family, check out our helpful buying tips and in-depth reviews to take some of the guesswork out of choosing the best baby bassinet for new-borns.

What is a Bassinet?

Full-size cribs are usually large, heavy pieces of furniture that you can use as a safe bed for your child for a few years. On the other hand, baby bassinets are much smaller and lighter, and they are ideal as a temporary sleeping area for newborns and young infants.

Bassinets typically weigh up to about 25 pounds, and they are usually easy to move around the house. This flexibility gives you a safe place to lay your newborn down in whatever room you need to, whether at night or during the day.

Types of Bassinets

Although all bassinets aim to provide a safe, compact sleep space for young babies, there are a few different types that serve some specific purposes.


Bedside models are usually the largest bassinet option, and they may have screw-held connections that make them best suited for everyday home use.

While some families move their bedside bassinet around the house during the day, many parents prefer to leave the bassinet in their bedroom to use as their baby’s primary overnight bed.


Co-sleepers are a subset of bedside bassinets, and the idea behind these models is to provide you with easier access to your baby while also maintaining your child’s separate sleeping space.

These bedside sleepers usually have either three fixed sides or offer the option of four sides with one collapsible side. The open side sits directly beside your bed, so there is no barrier between you and your baby.


Portable bassinets have quick-fold mechanisms or easily disassemble to let you take your bassinet along on a vacation or for an overnight stay at someone else’s house.

Although portable bassinets are great for traveling, they are also often comfortable enough to use as your baby’s everyday bed.


Thanks to curved lower support bars, rocking bassinets let your child enjoy some soothing motion as they drift off to sleep.

Some bassinets have a convertible lower frame that lets you switch back and forth between a rocking mode and a stationary one.

Do You Need a Bassinet?

Since a bassinet can only meet your baby’s sleeping needs for a few months before they need to move to the crib for the long term, you might wonder if a bassinet is an unnecessary extra purchase.

While it’s true that a bassinet provides a temporary solution, they can help make taking care of your newborn much more convenient, and many parents find that they greatly appreciate all the convenience they can get.

Here are a few ways that a bassinet might help make your early parenting journey a little easier.

Keeps Your Baby Nearby Night or Day

A bassinet gives you a safe place to lay your child wherever you will be, whether that is by your bed during the night or in the living room while you tidy up during the day.

Saves Space

Standard cribs are large, and they may present a room-sharing problem for parents who have limited space in their bedroom. A bassinet can provide you with the same closeness while taking up far less space.

Great for Travel

Try as you might, taking your child’s crib along on a vacation or for an overnight stay at the grandparent’s house usually just doesn’t work.

Since your baby needs a safe place to sleep whether at home or away, a portable bassinet is a great option for easy packing and set-up once you get to your destination.

May Help a Newborn Sleep Better

The wide-open space of a crib may feel overwhelmingly large for a newborn who has been accustomed to snug quarters for the last nine months.

A bassinet provides a smaller, cozier sleep space that might make your tiny baby feel more comfortable and at home, and this may even lead to deeper, longer stretches of sleep for some babies.

Convenient After a Cesarean Section

Caring for a newborn while also recovering from abdominal surgery yourself can be especially challenging. A bassinet’s taller height and shorter sides might make it significantly easier and less painful for a post-op mom to pick up her baby.

How Long Does a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

While some manufacturers might include a recommended age limit for their product, your child’s height, weight and developmental level are all much better indicators of when your child is ready to move to a permanent sleeping arrangement.

Here are a few indicators that your child has outgrown their bassinet.

Rolling over

A bassinet may present a suffocation hazard for babies who are able to roll over independently. Many babies start attempting to roll over somewhere around four or five months of age, and your baby’s budding mobility is a surefire sign that they’ve outgrown the bassinet.

Reaching the weight limit

Due to a bassinet’s small size, lightweight construction and high center of gravity, your child is at risk for tipping their bed over once they reach a certain weight.

Getting too tall to fit comfortably

As they grow in length, your baby may start bumping into the sides of the bassinet, and the jostling sensation may even be enough to wake your child up.

Plan to use the bassinet for about four or five months, but have your permanent sleeping area ready before that time in case your child grows quickly or is an early roller.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bassinet


Although you can expect most bassinets to be roughly an average size, some models are more compact than others. If you have an especially tight space you need to fit a bassinet into, make sure to pay close attention to the individual measurements.

Additionally, some bassinets have a raised canopy over the mattress area, so be sure to take that measurement into account as well to make sure your bassinet will fit into your desired space.


For traveling or overnight stays at someone else’s home, a bassinet that is easy to assemble or fold down can really shave some time off your packing and set-up. Some portable bassinets also come with their own carry case, which makes taking these models along even easier.


If you’d like to move your child’s sleeping area to different locations in the house throughout the day, look for a bassinet that has wheels for easy mobility.

For bassinets that have four rolling wheels, be sure to look for a wheel-locking feature. Particularly for families who have pets or older siblings that might try to push or bump the bassinet, a wheel lock can help ensure that your baby stays where you put them.

Upper Weight Limit

Regardless of whether your child ends up growing at a faster or slower pace than average, you probably don’t want to face the situation of your child exceeding their bassinet’s weight limit well before they start to develop independent mobility skills.

Especially if your baby tends to be on the larger side to begin with, look for a bassinet that has a higher weight capacity.

Best Baby Bassinets – Reviews

Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

Whether you’re looking for a free-standing bassinet or a bedside co-sleeper, the Beside Me Dreamer could be a great choice thanks to dual settings.

As a free-standing bassinet, rolling wheels let you move your child’s bed to any room you like. The smart design with two wheels in the back and stable feet on the front eliminates the need for a wheel lock while still keeping your child firmly in place. To move the Beside Me Dreamer, tip it slightly backward to take the front feet off the floor, then roll to your desired location and set the front feet back down.

To switch to co-sleeper mode, unzip one side and slide the bassinet close to your bed. A secure anchor strap also lets you firmly attach the bassinet to your own bed, so you don’t have to worry about your baby somehow inching away from for your side through the night.

While bedside positioning is a great idea that we love, the co-sleeper mode usually works best for low bed heights. Even at the highest setting, the bassinet is still a bit on the low side, so your child could end up sleeping a few inches lower than you if your bed is taller than average. To avoid a potential disappointment, be sure to measure your own bed’s height beforehand.

Assembling the Beside Me Dreamer is easy, and each piece snaps together without requiring you to use any tools. The quick assembly and disassembly combined with the lightweight frame make this bassinet a great traveler.

The bassinet includes one fitted sheet for the mattress, but be aware that you’ll have to order spare sheets from Baby Delight since the mattress is not a standard size.

Things We Like
  • Drop-down side
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy assembly
  • Good for traveling
Things we don’t like
  • May be too short to use as a co-sleeper for some beds


The Beside Me Dreamer offers a nice mix of options that allow you to customize your baby’s bed. If you want to use this bassinet as a co-sleeper, though, make sure to take the time to measure your own bed.

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Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet

Dream On Me wasn’t exaggerating when they named this lightweight bassinet the Traveler. Thanks to a lightweight but strong frame, fast assembly and efficient folding, it doesn’t get much easier to have a safe bed for your baby away from home.

The initial set-up is a literal snap that doesn’t require any tools. All you have to do is click the legs into place, attach the single-piece upper portion and lay the mattress down. When you’re ready to pack the Traveler, just remove the mattress, pull a release cord and the entire frame will fold up flat. Dream On Me even included a handy carrying case with a handle, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of loose pieces.

While the Traveler is obviously ideal for sleeping away from home, your baby can also comfortably use this bassinet as their primary bed. The included mattress is thin enough to be safe, but it is also has a cushier feel than most bassinet mattresses. One fitted sheet is included, but one downside is that finding spare sheets can be a challenge since the mattress isn’t a standard size.

The Traveler’s generous size gives your baby have plenty of space to stretch out while still providing that soothing the sense of coziness, and the tall sides give your baby a measure of protection if you have older siblings or pets in the home.

Each end has a breathable mesh panel, but the long sides are primarily thin flexible fabric. One thing we really like is that you have a few color options to choose from, and all the offerings are sleek and stylish.

Things We Like
  • Awesome for traveling
  • Great color options
  • Large sleeping space
Things we don’t like
  • Finding compatible sheets can be difficult


The aptly named Traveler boasts a lightweight frame and compact folded size, making it a wonderful choice for sleeping away from home. Additionally, the comfortable mattress and tall sides make this a great option for everyday use at home.

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Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet

Whether you need to travel or just have a lightweight sleeping option around the house, the Loft offers a sleek design and several smart features.

Even though this bassinet weighs in at a bit less than some other models, the legs have a wide angle that provides a reliably stable base, and the low height also contributes to a lower, more stable center of gravity. While you still need to be careful if you have large pets or older siblings in the house, the Loft should resist tipping under normal circumstances.

The Loft’s initial set-up is easy and requires no tools. The sleeping basket is a single piece that folds in the middle, and the two leg pieces simply snap into place at the center joint.

When you need to store the Loft or take it along for the night, quick-release tabs at the top of the frame joints make it fast and simple to fold the bassinet in half. When you’re ready to use the Loft again, set-up is as easy as unfolding the frame and pushing the joints flat to lock in position.

One feature we really like is the multi-function control panel. Choose to turn on a soft night light while your baby falls asleep, or play some of your child’s favorite lullabies or white noise on the Bluetooth speaker. The Loft also has a temperature-monitoring capability, so you can always rest easy knowing your baby’s sleeping environment is at a safe temperature.

One gripe is that the mattress can have a tendency to compress or break down if you use the bassinet frequently, and this can lead to an uneven, uncomfortable sleeping surface for your baby. While you probably won’t run into this issue at all if you only use the Loft for occasional nights away from home, but make it a habit to regularly rotate the mattress and inspect it for signs of compression if you use this bassinet as your child’s everyday sleeping area.

Things We Like
  • Quickly folds for easy transport or storage
  • Multi-function control panel
  • Stable design
Things we don’t like
  • The mattress can compress over time


With a sleek design, easy folding and a stable base, the Loft looks great while also providing a compact, safe place for your baby to sleep at home or away. However, make sure you keep an eye on the mattress’s condition if you use the Loft daily.

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Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet

This bassinet definitely differs from a traditional look, but the unusual design pays off in stability and ease of use.

The heavy-duty frame has a wide, extendable base that offers excellent stability on a variety of surfaces, and sturdy construction prevents any wobbling or swaying.

The By The Bed Sleeper is a bit on the heavy side, but two wheels on the front of the frame make moving your baby around the house a little easier. However, the wheels don’t roll smoothly over some surfaces, so you’ll probably end up needing to carry the bassinet over carpet or thick rugs.

You can choose to set the sleeper basket at one of five height settings. With about five inches of difference between the lowest and the highest settings, you should be able to have your baby within easy sight whether you have a low or a tall bed.

The sleeper basket itself is a little small, and it has fairly short sides. While this design makes reaching in to pick up your child very easy, the basket does have its drawbacks.

Coupled with the low weight capacity, the basket’s small size will probably mean that your child will outgrow the By The Bed Sleeper a little more rapidly than they would with some other models. Another concern we have is the basket’s tendency to tilt to one side. Particularly if your child wiggles or scoots frequently, they could end up sliding uncomfortably close to the bassinet sides.

Things We Like
  • Stable structure
  • Adjustable height
  • Self-locking front wheels
Things we don’t like
  • Can be hard to push over carpeting
  • The sleeping basket can tilt a bit to one side


The By The Bed Sleeper has an unusual, creative design that should give you an eye-level view of your baby no matter the height of your bed. However, the basket design is on the small side and may shift to one side.

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Simmons Kids City Sleeper Bassinet

If a sleek, modern look and variety of electronic features sound like a good fit for your family, the City Sleeper Bassinet might be a perfect choice.

The grey tweed color scheme adds a cool element of style that still has a baby-friendly feel. The City Sleeper has a strong, stable frame thanks to tight connections and wide, sturdy feet, so you don’t have to be afraid of bumping into the bassinet and jostling your baby awake.

Except for one small panel at the foot area, the basket has full mesh sides for exceptional ventilation and breathability, and you can also get a clear look at your baby from any angle.

Despite its complex appearance, the City Sleeper is easy to assemble in a few minutes.

The hinged canopy offers some shade or an extra measure of coziness, and it easily folds flat to let you access the whole bed basket. The attached mobile lets you choose between multiple features including songs, soothing sounds and vibrations or a soft night light. If your child enjoys a mesmerizing, moving show while they drift off, three stars travel in a soothing circular motion overhead. If you need to attend to your child’s needs in the bassinet, the hinged mobile arm easily swings out of the way.

We love the lower storage basket for light items like a spare blanket or stuffed animals. The only downside is that the fabric bottom has no rigid support, so the basket can sag a little when in use.

Things We Like
  • Full mesh sides
  • Built-in mobile
  • Lower storage basket
  • Folding canopy
Things we don’t like
  • Cloth storage basket lacks a structured bottom


The City Sleeper boasts an impressive number of smart, useful features, and a sturdy frame that won’t wobble or sway. The gray-and-white color scheme looks great, and this bassinet can fit right in with modern home decor.

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Dream on Me Lacy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet

A classic shape, a beautiful bed skirt and a gentle rocking option give the Lacy a very traditional feel that is still easy-to-use for today’s busy families.

Available in a number of attractive, baby-friendly colors, the Lacy features a lovely gathered bed skirt with additional ruffle embellishments. You have your choice between either a solid color theme and a couple of different print accents.

The unique bottom bar design gives you the option of using the Lacy as a portable bed or a rocking cradle. Four caster wheels rotate into a downward position that lets you easily maneuver your baby around the house, and they also rotate upwards to allow the bassinet to rest on curved bars for a gentle rocking motion. Each wheel has a locking brake, so you don’t need to worry about your baby rolling away during a nap.

One of the most surprisingly helpful features of the Lacy is its full-coverage canopy. The portion that stretches over your baby’s head is an opaque fabric that can provide some shade, and the rest of the canopy is a mesh fabric for comfortable ventilation and easy visibility. The full canopy can come in handy for protecting your baby from bugs if you want to spend some time outdoors, and it can also provide a barrier to pets or older siblings in an indoor setting.

When it comes to assembly, plan to spend some extra time and have a screwdriver or drill on hand. The actual assembly process is simple and the bassinet comes with an included tightening tool, but getting safe, snug connections usually works much better with a regular hand tool. Additionally, the instructions could be a bit more clear, so you may want to research some assembly videos online to get a better idea of how to put your bassinet together.

While the Lacy’s name includes the word “portable”, keep in mind that this is referring to the wheels that allow for portability around the house rather than easy folding and packing for travel. In reality, both assembly and disassembly require tools and time, so the Lacy is not especially travel-friendly.

Things We Like
  • Traditional bassinet look
  • Several color options
  • Flip-up wheels
  • Multi-function canopy
Things we don’t like
  • Assembly can be a bit of a challenge


The Lacy offers the traditional feel of a classic bassinet while also offering updated, smart features. The assembly process can be a little difficult, so make sure you do some advance preparation to have the necessary tools and instructions on hand.

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ComfyBumpy Travel Bassinet for Baby

Equally appropriate for daily use at home or as a travel bed, this bassinet from Comfy Bumpy has a great design and includes several extra pieces.

The frame design places the leg pieces far apart to give this bassinet excellent stability. The basket’s sides are primarily a mesh material, giving your baby good airflow while also giving you a good view from any angle.

Another cool frame feature is the option to pick a rocker setting or a stationary one. The lower bars between the four legs have rotating pieces with rounded edges. To use the rocking mode, point the curved piece downward to allow for some gentle, soothing motion, and rotate the curved piece inwards to hold the bassinet in the stationary position.

Thanks to large pieces that snap together, you won’t need a great deal of time or any tools to set up your baby’s bed. While this bassinet doesn’t have a folding feature to collapse for transport, taking it along for the ride is still a breeze since the pieces quickly disassemble and fit into a handy carrying case that is easy to pack.

The basket sits at a fixed height that is a few inches lower than most models. This design feature enhances stability by shifting the center of gravity lower, but it might also make picking your child up slightly inconvenient if either you or your partner are taller than average.

We love that Comfy Bumpy included several additional pieces. In addition to the carry case, you also receive a fitted sheet, a waterproof pad and a mosquito canopy.

Things We Like
  • Sturdy frame and basket
  • Carrying case
  • Includes a full mesh canopy and bedding
  • Rocking option
Things we don’t like
  • Might be too low for some parents


This bassinet from Comfy Bumpy has a simple, well-executed design that provides excellent stability as well as the option to use rocking or stationary settings. With the included carrying case and quick connections, this bassinet is a great option for home use or travel.

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Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet

With beautiful wooden legs and a simple basket, this bassinet has a modern look that still manages to have a timeless feel.

Wide wooden legs give both stability and style, and the sturdy frame means you won’t have to worry about jostling your baby if you accidentally bump into the bassinet.

The basket has a generous size that makes it easy to reach over the edge to pick up your baby. Breathable mesh sides allow your baby to have plenty of airflow, and they also give you a clear view of your baby’s activities or state of sleep.

If you dread the job is putting even simple pieces of furniture together, this pre-assembled bassinet could be your dream come true. Setting this bed up is as easy as taking the unit out of the box and unfolding it, so there are no tools or set-up time required at all.

The lower bars have a center portion that rotates between a flat edge and a curved one. Twist the bars so that the curved edges touch the floor, and rock your baby gently to sleep. When you want to hold the bassinet stationary, twist the bars around to place the flat edge on the floor.

A quick-fold mechanism makes it a snap to pack your bassinet into the car or a storage closet. After removing the mattress and unhooking the locking switch, pull the center handle up to collapse the bassinet in the middle. The opening process is also easy, and it is essentially the reverse of the fold-down actions.

One gripe we have is that your child may outgrow this bassinet quickly. Given its sturdy legs, wide, stable base and deep basket, this bassinet’s low weight limit comes as a bit of an unfortunate surprise.

Things We Like
  • Rocking or stationary options
  • No assembly required
  • Wooden legs look high-end
  • Easy to collapse and set up
Things we don’t like
  • Low weight limit


Sturdy construction, a generous size, an easy folding mechanism and sleek looks all combine into a stylish and comfortable bed for your child. Despite the strong frame, however, the low weight limit also limits the amount of time your child can use this bassinet.

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The ComfyBumpy Travel Bassinet comes in as the winner in our book.

This bassinet offers smart construction and accessories that make it an excellent choice in almost any context. With a stable frame and cozy basket with mesh sides, this bassinet is a great, comfortable option for your baby’s everyday use. The quick assembly and disassembly processes make it a snap to set this bed up anywhere away from home, and the included carrying case helps keep everything together for smooth transport. Finally, the included accessories are truly helpful items that you’ll actually use.

We want to hear your thoughts! Did your baby use a bassinet either at home or away? What did you like or not like about your choice? Do you have any other tips? Share your opinion in the comments!