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Best Convertible Stroller

The convertible strollers on the market today have smart designs that let you easily choose the seating configuration that best fits your family’s needs from birth through toddlerhood. Depending on the number of children you currently have, what types of surfaces you are likely to encounter and your future family plans, there are many models that can make your life as a parent a little easier.


To help you determine which model might be the best convertible stroller for your family, we’ve put together some additional information and tips to help you while shopping, and we’ve also included detailed reviews of our favorite models.

Our Top Picks at a Glance

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What is a convertible stroller?

Traditional strollers have a fixed frame structure and seat position, and you typically need a stroller designed specifically for young infants and a completely different model for older babies and toddlers. In contrast, a convertible model gives parents the ability to adapt their stroller’s configuration to suit children from birth to about three years of age or as new siblings are born into the family.

The term “convertible stroller” can refer to a couple of different products, and there are distinct differences between the model options:

  • Single convertible strollers seat one child. These models have adjustable frames that hold either an infant car seat or bassinet, and they can later reconfigure into a standard toddler seat.
  • Other convertible strollers use this same concept of growing with your child, but they also have the capability of adding an additional seat for a second child. Some models include a rear platform for older toddlers and preschoolers to stand on.

Advantages of getting a convertible stroller

One-Time Purchase

A good stroller can be an investment, especially when you consider that you will probably need to purchase a couple of different models as your child grows or if you have more children. While they typically tend to be more expensive at the outset, a convertible stroller can grow along with your child or your family. Making just one purchase that can meet your changing needs for several years could end up saving you money over the long run.

One Product for Multiple Ages

Traditional upright stroller seats usually aren’t safe until a baby has the ability to hold their head straight and sit with minimal support. Many babies reach those milestones somewhere around six months of age, so you need a stroller specifically designed for young infants if you want to take your baby on a ride during their early months.

Convertible strollers have a car seat attachment or a bassinet bed that lets your baby ride safely even as a newborn. Once your child is able to sit by themselves, you can readjust the stroller configuration into a more traditional toddler seat.

Some Models Can Seat Multiple Children

When you only have one baby, it’s totally natural to think about buying things for one baby. However, many parents find themselves in a different situation when their second baby is on the way while the first still needs a stroller. Buying a convertible model with the capability of seating more than one child can be a perfect solution.

A double convertible stroller can also be a great choice if you have twins. Many models let you use two car seats or bassinets at the same time, and adding an additional toddler seat is a snap.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Convertible Stroller

Upper Weight Limit

Strollers that seat only one child typically tend to have a lower weight capacity, although most will still accommodate older toddlers and possibly preschoolers. Models that are specifically designed to convert into double strollers typically have a higher weight limit.

The most important factors to consider when looking at a stroller’s weight capacity are the number of children that need seating and the age of the rider(s). Especially if you have twins, look for a stroller that is strong enough to hold two toddlers at once.

Number of Convertible Positions

If you plan to carry a lot of gear or use your stroller to carry a few bags on shopping trips, a stroller that adjusts between a wide variety of positions can be convenient. If you plan to use your stroller in a more traditional manner and carry just the essential baby items, you may find that a model with only a few adjustable positions will still meet your family’s needs.

However, don’t let the sheer number of convertible options be the deciding factor. The ideal stroller should have several good options that you will actually use as well as a smart design that lets you easily switch between configurations. It won’t do you much good to have tons of options to pick from if it’s too difficult to make the necessary changes.

Ease of Transport

At one time or another, you will probably need to transport your stroller in a car, train, bus or plane. Some models fold more compactly than others, so be sure to check the stroller’s folded dimensions to make sure it will easily fit into the space you have to work with.
A car trunk or rear cargo bay are the most common places parents use to transport a stroller, so measuring your vehicle’s storage space before making your final stroller choice is a must.
Additionally, pay attention to the stroller’s weight. Especially if you will be loading and unloading the stroller by yourself, make sure it doesn’t weigh more than you can handle independently.

Safety Features

You can expect all strollers to have basic safety features. However, having additional or especially well-designed elements can add an extra layer of protection. Here are a couple of safety features to look for:

Wrist strap

Many strollers have wheels and bearings that ride smoothly over a variety of surfaces. This design makes it easy to push your stroller, but there is also the risk of it rolling on its own or going faster than you anticipated.

A wrist strap fits over your hand and gives you an extra opportunity to stop the stroller even if the handlebar slips out of your grasp. Wrist straps come in especially handy for parents who use their stroller as a jogger, but they could also be useful when walking over hilly terrain.

Parking brake

While all strollers should have a mechanism that locks at least one wheel when the stroller is stationary, not all locking systems are created equal. Some locks fit into grooves on the wheel bearing, and the wheel must be in a certain position to securely lock. Other strollers may have switches that are small and can be a bit of a challenge to engage or disengage.

Look for a parking brake that is easy to set and release quickly. These will usually be a large rocking switch or a bar that you can press with your foot.

Sun canopy

Babies and young children usually tend to have more sun-sensitive skin than older children or adults. If you plan to use your stroller outdoors often, a large, hinged canopy can help prevent a sunburn and keep the bright rays out of your child’s eyes.

Wheel Construction and Size

Small, plastic wheels may be adequate for flat surfaces like a sidewalk or indoor floor, but they often perform poorly on uneven terrain. Your child could be in for a bumpy ride, or there may be places you simply can’t take your stroller.

If you and your child like to go on outdoor adventures and nature walks, look for a stroller with large wheels. A greater surface area can roll over bumps and cracks more easily without getting stuck or jarring your child.

Additionally, air-filled rubber tires tend to provide the smoothest ride over a variety of terrain surfaces. Many models also feature a suspension system that helps absorb shock to give your child a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Stroller Measurements

What kinds of environments do you anticipate using your stroller in? If you plan for your child to ride along in stores or other places with limited room, it’s likely that a stroller with a more compact frame will be easier to maneuver and fit through doorways.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your stroller for mostly outdoor walks and adventures, a larger design that can hold extra gear may be a wise choice.

Our Choices for the Best Convertible Stroller

Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller

Manufacturer’s Specs



This stroller from Cynebaby combines great looks with a versatile design.

The included bassinet bed is perfect for young babies to safely lay down flat. However, one downside is that you don’t have the option to use a separate infant car seat.

Once your child is able to safely sit in a more upright position, you can remove the bassinet and place your child into the toddler seat. The seat is on a center hinge that gives you a number of seat positions to choose from. You can have your child forward- or rear-facing, and you can set a semi-reclined or an upright position. The hinged canopy comes in very handy for providing shade in any seat position you choose.

Air-filled rubber tires and front wheel shocks provide a smooth ride, and the parking brake is easy to set with your foot. The front wheels swivel smoothly, giving you great stability and easy handling even in tight spaces. Eye-catching matte gold accents give this stroller a luxe touch that looks great as you make your way around town.

The adjustable handlebar makes the Cynebaby easy to push whether you are short or tall, and the wrist strap helps to ensure that your stroller doesn’t accidentally roll away.

The Cynebaby is easy to fold, with a release button on the handle that collapses the stroller. Even though the folding mechanism is simple, the Cynebaby is still fairly large even in the folded position.


This stroller looks stylish and handles well while offering great seating versatility for a wide range of ages.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

Manufacturer’s Specs



Whether your family includes one baby, siblings close in age or twins, the Vista from UPPAbaby can work equally well in each situation.

Multiple configuration settings allow you to accommodate up to three children at once with the additional purchase of extra seating pieces.

The Vista includes a bassinet, but the frame also directly accommodates the UPPAbaby MESA car seat. Other brands of car seats will also fit into the Vista with the purchase of appropriate adaptor pieces.

The bassinet and car seat settings are rear-facing only, but you have multiple options for your child or children to either direction when using the traditional seat. The seat also has various degrees of recline.

The Vista is a snap to fold down with a quick-release button on the side frame, and it’s equally easy to open the folded stroller up. As opposed to many handlebars that adjust on a hinge, the Vista’s handlebar extends vertically. Leather accents on the parent handlebar and the child safety bar provide a luxurious touch that easily wipes clean.

Large rubber tires can easily handle various types of terrain, and the front wheels swivel smoothly to let you make tight turns and maneuver in crowded spaces.

A large storage basket under the toddler seat can hold up to 30 pounds, so you shouldn’t have any trouble bringing along all the essentials. Even when you add additional seating, the lower storage bin is still spacious.

The rear wheels lock easily with a foot mechanism, and a clear plastic window in the folding canopy lets you keep an eye on your little one.


With its array of seating positions and available accessories, the Vista is a truly multi-functional product that can grow with your family.

Besrey 2 in1 Luxury Baby Stroller

Manufacturer’s Specs



If you have just one child, this stroller from Besrey offers a nice variety of convenient settings for a lower price point than the Vista.

Most convertible strollers only have the option to have the infant bassinet in a rear-facing position, but Besrey gives you the option of facing the bassinet either toward you or away. When your baby is ready, the toddler seat also rotates on a center hinge to face forward, flat or rear.

The bassinet includes a detachable foot cover panel, which could come in handy to help your child stay a bit warmer on chilly days or dry in a sudden rain shower. An included clear rain cover can also offer your child a bit more protection against the elements.

Large air-filled tires roll easily over a variety of surfaces, and the front wheels have a 360-degree swivel that can perform tight turns or navigate a crowded venue.

A front wheel locking mechanism gives you the option to have the front wheels in the swiveling position or to set them into a fixed forward position. This feature can help ensure that your stroller and your baby don’t accidentally veer off course if you’re traveling over some uneven terrain, but this product isn’t designed to be a true jogging stroller.

The rear parking brake is easy to set with a large foot bar, and the mechanism securely locks both rear wheels rather than just one. A rubberized wrist strap also helps you maintain control of the stroller without the worry of the strap slipping off.

Folding the stroller up is a breeze with a simple release button located just under the handlebar. With its lighter weight and compact folded size, you should have an easier time transporting this stroller than some of the others.


This stroller form Besrey has a number of smart and safe features that make it a good choice for traveling and moving about town.

Strollers That Convert to Double

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System

Manufacturer’s Specs



Turning some convertible strollers from a single to a double occupancy can require additional purchases, pieces, tools and time. The Pivot Xpand from Evenflo lets you skip all that with a smart, multi-function frame that snaps and slides easily into different modes using just your hands. The stroller also includes everything you need to use the stroller for one child or a baby and a toddler: a standard seat with canopy, an infant car seat and a vehicle car seat base cover all your baby’s travel needs. If you have twins, you will need to purchase an additional infant car seat and toddler seat.

The amazing array of 22 different seating positions means you have the option of your child(ren) facing you, facing out or a combination of the two. If your child dozes off during your walk, a handle on the seat’s back lets you set one of the three degrees of recline.

As opposed to large, air-filled rubber tires, the Pivot Xpand’s wheels are smaller and made of a rubberized plastic with a lightly textured surface for grip. You shouldn’t have trouble pushing the Pivot Xpand on smooth surfaces like sidewalks or walking paths, but rougher or uneven terrain will probably be a challenge.

A rear suspension system absorbs shock and provides a smoother ride for your child. The rear wheel lock is a pivoting switch located next to the right rear wheel. The switch is small, but it is still easy to set and release the parking brake with your foot.

Whether you use the Pivot Xpand in a single or double mode, the over-sized storage bin should provide you with plenty of room for your diaper bag, extra blankets, toys or a shopping bag.


When it comes to included equipment, the number of convertible positions and ease of use, this stroller truly has it all.

Graco Uno2Duo Double Stroller

Manufacturer’s Specs



Graco is a well-known name in the baby product world, and this stroller offers a variety of great features that work equally well for one child or two.

Several Graco infant car seats directly click into the Uno2Duo, and the stroller also comes with two toddler seats that convert into infant bassinets. With 11 different seating configurations, you should be able to find the one that works for most daily situations. The stroller frame has a center hinge that lets you lay the bassinet flat, and you can set the toddler seat in either a forward, flat or rear-facing position.

If your older child wants to sit and ride, an easy switch lets you extend the Uno2Duo’s frame by five inches, and the second toddler seat fits into the space behind the main seat. Your children can both ride facing forward, or they can face each other. When both seats are in the forward position, your older child may not be able to see much since the rear seat sits lower and the front seat blocks a fair amount of the view. However, placing the front seat in the rear-facing position greatly reduces this problem.

Even in single-child mode, a toddler can come along for the ride by standing on the built-in riding bar on the rear axle. The lower storage basket is large enough to hold your diaper bag and a few extra items when the stroller is in single mode, but adding the second toddler seat pretty significantly reduces your storage capacity.

The hard plastic wheels have some grooves for traction, and pushing the Uno2Duo on smooth surfaces shouldn’t present too much of a problem.


A built-in standing bar is perfect for your older child to hop on even in single-child mode, but the Uno2Duo also makes it easy to seat two children at the same time.

Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller

Manufacturer’s Specs



This stroller from Britax offers a smart design that is easy to push and rolls easily over a variety of surfaces.

With the addition of a compatible infant car seat, you can safely use the G3 immediately upon your child’s birth. All Britax and BOB infant car seats directly click into the stroller frame with no additional pieces, and adaptors for many other brands are available for an additional purchase. An infant bassinet piece is also available for purchase.

To use the G3 as a double stroller, the lower storage area converts to create space for a second toddler seat. With the second seat’s low center of gravity, the G3 is as easy to maneuver in double mode as it is in single mode. However, this position also limits your older child’s forward view to an extent.

One unique feature of the G3 is the wheel construction. As opposed to air-filled tires that carry the risk of punctures, the G3’s large foam-filled rubber tires provide the shock-absorption of air without the worry of deflation. You should be able to cross rougher surfaces like grass or uneven sidewalks easily with the G3.

Folding the G3 is a snap with a simple release switch, and you also have the ability to remove the large rear wheels to take up less storage space. The multi-panel sun canopy provides excellent UV protection from almost every angle, and the parking brake is easy to set or release with the just a downward press with your foot.


If you’re looking for a stroller that is easy to maneuver and can handle a variety of surfaces, the G3 delivers.


Strollers have come a long way in the last couple of decades, and today’s smart convertible designs give parents a multitude of options for getting around with their children in tow.

Whether you have one child or more, the sleek frames, multiple seating configurations and easy adjustments can all work together to allow you to quickly set up your stroller for whatever each day demands.