Baby bottles with different nipple sizes

When To Change Bottle Nipple Flow Size?

It often seems that you’ve just settled into a predictable parenting routine when your child reaches a new developmental milestone that throws your whole system off. Case in point: After several weeks or months of happily taking their bottle feedings, your infant suddenly seems to dislike mealtime and have a particular hatred for their bottle. … Read more

Low supply when pumping milk

What Causes a Sudden Drop in Milk Supply?

Over the weeks or months since your baby’s birth, you’ve settled into a comfortable breastfeeding routine. Then one day, you notice that your pumped volume is significantly less than usual or your baby seems to finish their nursing session in just a few minutes. What happened to your milk, and is it gone for good? … Read more

baby / toddler eating solids

Complete Guide to Starting Baby on Solids

Parenting is filled with moments that stir multiple emotions, and there’s nothing like your child reaching a new milestone that can cause you to smile, feel nervous and reach for the tissues all at the same time. Starting the journey of eating solid foods is often a reminder of how fast your baby is growing … Read more

Smiling toddler holding a bottle full of formula

What Water Should I Use for Baby Formula?

Mixing infant formula and water for your baby’s meal may seem like a simple task, but when you start to consider the potential contaminants that might be lurking in your water, you may find yourself with some unexpected questions. Since every family’s situation is unique, there is no single answer that works every time for … Read more

Row of breast milk storage bags ready for the freezer

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

As a nursing mother looking to store your breast milk, you have several options. Any freezer-safe, airtight container that you can sanitize will do the job, but not every storage method is equal in terms of convenience and ease of use. Breast milk storage bags are specially-designed for exactly what their name would lead you … Read more

Mom Breastfeeding using a nursing pillow

Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding is a natural process, so that means it should come naturally, right? Not quite. Although your body produces milk without any conscious input from you, getting that milk to its final destination can present a few challenges. Fortunately, the right tools can make a considerable difference. Whether you plan to nurse your child at … Read more

Dad pace feeding baby

Paced Bottle Feeding Guide

The conventional method for bottle feeding a baby seems pretty straightforward: Lay your baby in your arms. Hold a bottle of milk downwards into your baby’s mouth while they drink. Remove the empty bottle. While the traditional method is undoubtedly common, it can also be at the root of several concerns. You may wonder if … Read more

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Benefits of Breastfeeding

It’s probably fair to say that most expectant mothers have heard that breastfeeding is good and most experts recommend it. However, these same mothers may also have been told that nursing their baby will be very difficult and time-consuming or that the benefits aren’t all that impressive anyway. Even though we should be thankful that … Read more

Baby Led Weaning Guide

Baby Led Weaning Guide for Beginners

Once a baby reaches the age of about four to six months, one of the first things many parents do is stop by the store to pick up a box of baby cereal and an assortment of pureed baby foods. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this way of introducing solid foods, some parents … Read more

Breast Milk Storage and Handling

Breast Milk Storage and Handling

When you feed your baby breast milk, you are feeding them a living substance filled with nutrients, enzymes and immune properties. This is true whether you nurse your baby directly or give them a bottle of breast milk. The process of safely pumping, storing, and warming milk might seem a little daunting. While you do … Read more