Linea Nigra

Linea Nigra – What Is It?

If you’ve been noticing a gradually-darkening line appearing on your pregnant belly, you are in good company. This dark line is called the linea nigra, and it is a phenomenon that affects as many as 90% of expecting mothers. Although it happens so frequently, the linea nigra can still seem a bit mysterious. Does this … Read more

Pregnant Shopping

When Should You Start Buying Baby Stuff?

Upon finding out that they are pregnant, one of the first things many couples think about is the list of items they will need to care for their new baby. Since this list can quickly become a long one, it’s only natural to think that you’d better get started immediately. While the thought of shopping … Read more

Pregnant and Angry

Dealing with Anger During Pregnancy

Your partner shut the door too loudly. Your best friend forgot to call you back. Another driver took the parking space you wanted at the store. Any of these things may have been nothing but a momentary annoyance to your pre-pregnant self, but now your first response is to blow up. Many people envision a … Read more

Natural Childbirth

Tips for Natural Childbirth

The thought of natural childbirth has the power to strike both fear and excitement into a pregnant mother’s heart, possibly at the very same time. While it can be more painful than giving birth with an epidural, an unmedicated birth gives you the tremendous advantage of experiencing all the sensations of your child being born. … Read more

Cold in Early Pregancy

Is It Normal to Feel Cold in Early Pregancy?

During those first few months of pregnancy, your body is undergoing a massive shift in hormone production, stretching ligaments, increasing blood supply, growing a placenta and above all, sustaining a new life. In other words, pregnancy is like no other time in your life. Some of the sensations that result from these changes can seem … Read more

Pregnancy Cravings

When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start?

Pregnancy brings many joys: the feeling of your baby kicking and stretching, the knowledge that a brand new life is growing inside you and amazement at what your body is able to accomplish. Some things are less pleasant, like swollen feet or morning sickness. Finally, other aspects of pregnancy can even be a little bizarre. … Read more

Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad

Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad – He Needs This Stuff

When you’re getting ready for the arrival of your new baby, most Moms-to-Be have their hospital bag packed weeks before the big day. But what about Dads? Many new Dads can get caught up in the excitement of baby’s arrival and forget to pack the essentials for themselves. Check out the list below for tips … Read more