The Ultimate ‘Ready for Baby’ Newborn Must Have Checklist of Essential Items

Are you expecting a new baby and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the all of the new items you'll have to purchase? Are you a loved one who wants to buy something for a new baby that the parents will actually use, but you're not sure what to get?

Well, be happy that you've found us! We've complied an epic checklist of baby items that you'll need to be ready for that baby!

Ready for Baby Checklist

1. Diapers

This item is, by far, the thing that you will use the most! You’d be surprised at the number of diapers a baby can go through in a single day!

This may seem like a simple item to purchase, but there are so many brands on the market that you may become overwhelmed with all of the choices.

Ask other parents which brands they prefer, and start with those. As you use them, you will figure out which brand you like best.

2. Baby Wipes

Did you ever think that you'd find yourself thinking so much about baby wipes?

As with diapers, there is a never-ending selection of baby wipe brands and categories. You can buy them scented and unscented, and there are also wipes for sensitive skin.

3. Diaper Rash Cream

Many parents go through a system of trial and error to figure out which diaper rash cream is most effective for their baby. Diaper rash is very common, so you always want to have cream available to give your little one some comfort.

If you aren’t sure where to start, ask your pediatrician or other parents for advice on what is most effective.

4. Diaper Bag

Many moms, and dads, like to choose a diaper bag that is in line with their personal style. It’s an accessory that you will be carrying around everywhere you go, so most people want something that is stylish and efficient.

You can find a reasonably priced diaper bag in most retail stores, and also online. You want to choose something with different compartments that will make it easy to organize the items you are placing in there.

You should love your diaper bag. It's something you'll be carrying around for a long time!

5. Bottles

This is another item that comes in many different brands and varieties. Most likely, you will try several different bottle types until you find the ones that you like best.

6. Breast Pump

Are you planning on breastfeeding? If so, a good breast pump is a necessity.

It offers you the ability to feed your baby breast milk without having to actually nurse, and it’s convenient for the times that you will be away from the baby.

The cost of a good breast pump may seem somewhat expensive, but when you think about all of the use you will get out of it, the price tag makes sense.

7. Formula

If you decide not to nurse, or you decide to supplement breast milk with formula, you will have to keep a supply of this item in your home at all times.

Formula seems like an easy enough thing to purchase, but like so many other baby products, there is quite a selection of brands and varieties.

Parents are very thoughtful about which type of formula they purchase because it is the main thing that their baby is consuming during the first few months of life.

Types of formula include organic, cow’s mild based, soy based, lactose-free, rice starch and gentle to prevent gas. There are also formulas that are specific to age range.

If you are not sure how to decide which formula to use, seek advice from your pediatrician.

8. Crib

We know that many of you are interested in making sure that the style of your baby's crib fits the décor of their bedroom, but we also know that you all want to make sure that the crib is safe and comfortable for the baby.

A trip to your local baby retail store, or a visit to online retailers, will show you that there is no shortage of crib types and styles to choose from. Whatever choice you make, be sure to check the safety information to make sure that it has not been recalled.

Check our other article if you are not sure you want a crib, bassinet or cradle​​​​.

9. Pack N Play

Parents love pack n plays for several reasons.

They give you an alternative sleeping unit for the baby that is portable and easy to transport. Most of them also transfer to playpens so that you can keep using them even when the baby is no longer an infant.

If you're not ready to let their baby sleep in another room, and you're not comfortable with having the baby sleep in the bed with you, the pack n play offers a safe alternative that allows the baby to sleep in the same room.

10. Car Seat

We already know that you've probably experienced a lot of anxiety with this choice. There are so many different car seats to choose from, and the most important factor to consider when making this choice is safety.

If you are not sure where to begin, look up consumer reports online to find out which brands are the best. Also, most retailers allow customers to provide online reviews of specific products, so take a look at several websites to see what other parents are saying about the car seats you are interested in.

11. Stroller

This is an item that you will have for quite some time, even when your baby begins walking and into their toddler years.

If you want to find a stroller that your baby will be able to use for several years, throughout various developmental stages, then you should look into purchasing a baby travel system. In addition to the actual stroller, they include a baby carrier that also serves as a car seat (sometimes referred to as a convertible stroller).

Whatever your preference, you want to find something that is easy to maneuver, and that your baby is comfortable in.

12. Bouncy Chair

This is an item that you will be extremely grateful to us for recommending! When you need to put the baby down, or need a few minutes to get something done, a bouncy chair is ideal.

It allows the baby to be in a semi-upright position so that they can see their surroundings, and the slight bounce that the chair generates can be a source of both amusement and soothing. These chairs are easy to carry around, and they come with straps so that you can make sure the baby is secure.

13. Baby Monitor

This item gives you peace of mind when you are not in the same room as your baby. Some only provide audio monitoring, while some come with small screens so that you can also monitor the baby visually. They even make split screen baby monitors so you can watch two children in different rooms at the same time.

There are even monitors that keep track of the baby's heart rate and sound an alarm if no heart rate is detected. This is a great feature, especially for parents very concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

14. Boppy

Some people call the boppy a donut pillow because it is circular with a hole in the middle. This item serves more than one function.

If you're a nursing mother, you can use it to support the baby while you are breast feeding. You can also put the baby in the middle of the pillow to act as a means of support for their back.

15. Bibs

Let's face it. Babies are messy, and some days you'll feel like you're using bibs like paper towels!

Buy as many bibs as you can, because you'll be changing them often. They usually come in packs that include several, and you can always find them cheaply priced.

16. Receiving Blankets

This is another item that you'll find yourself buying many of. They also come in packs, so they're an easy and affordable purchase.

Receiving blankets serve more than one function. As we've already mentioned, babies are messy, so people drape them over their shoulder to protect their clothes from drool or spit up when they're holding the baby.

You'll also use them as actual blankets when you want to cover the baby with something that isn't too heavy or bulky while they are sleeping.

17. Burp Cloths

The name of this item is pretty self-explanatory. Babies must be burped after they eat, and sometimes milk comes out with the burp.

You'll need something to clean up with, and you'll find that these are perfect. They can also serve as a replacement if you run out of clean wash cloths.

18. Wash Cloths and Towels

When it's time to give the baby a bath, you'll small washcloths and nice, fluffy towels to wrap them up in when you're finished.

You can find these items anywhere that sells baby products. Most baby towels come with hoods so that the baby's head can be warm and water from their hair can be absorbed while you're drying them off.

19. Baby Bath Tub

You will want a baby bath tub where your baby can lay comfortably while they're being bathed.

There are all types of choices in this category, but you should look for something that drains on its own. The ones that can be adjusted to use in the kitchen sink or the bathtub are also very convenient.

20. Baby Pampering Products

These are popular baby registry items, so get ready to have a never ending supply of baby lotion, baby wash and baby powder! While the sheer number,and variety, of these items may be overwhelming, we guarantee that you'll be happy to have them.

21. Thermometer

Unfortunately, babies get sick, and you'll want to monitor their temperature when you suspect that they may have a fever.

Digital thermometers are very popular and efficient because they're so easy to use. There is a lot of expert advice on the best place on the body to take temperature, so make sure that you buy a thermometer that is most effective for whichever area you choose.

22. Baby Grooming Kit

Instead of having to purchase things like hair brushes, combs and fingernail clippers seperately, you can find them sold together in kits with other baby grooming items.

You will definitely need all of the things included, so be sure to put this on your list!

23. Aspirator

If you're a new parent, have you ever thought about how babies blow their nose? Well, since they're unable to do it themselves, you will have to!

Aspirators are suction like mechanisms that allow you to get mucous from the baby's nose. We know how fun this sounds.

Aspirators have evolved over the years, so look for ones that other parents say are easiest to use. We have done a roundup review to help you decide which is the best aspirator for your baby.

24. Pacifier

Not all babies use a pacifier, and some parents resolve to not use one because they don't want their baby to become dependent on it.

Even if you feel this way, buy a pacifier anyway. When a baby is fussy and you've tried everything else to soothe them, a pacifier just may do the trick. They even make pacifiers designed for breastfed babies.

25. Onesies

Your baby will literally live in these things! Other than diapers, this is the item that you'll probably end up with the most of.

They're the most convenient item of clothing for babies because they provide easy access to their diaper. They also serve as an undergarment of sorts, so your baby will have them on under their outfits.

Hopefully, we've given you a good idea of the things you'll need to prepare for your bundle of joy. Make sure that you do your research, and add these things to your baby registry so that others can help you fulfill this list. Congratulations, and happy shopping!